Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sneeze Breeze

Gooooood morning!!!

So, as all you know, there is a huge hype around indie nail polishes. And I have been a victim of them too! They're all so unique, and SO enticing! And a lot of them do NOT disappoint!! I have a fabulous indie polish to share with you today! It was featured on another nail blogger's blog, but I honestly cannot remember who's AND for some reason, I cannot find the post again. So if it was you, or if you know who recently featured this color, PLEASE TELL ME so I can send people to her blog too!!!

Now presenting....

Sneeze Breeze.
I will go into what I did, so we can skip the boring part, and go right into my review! :)

1 coat Sally Hansen's Double Duty base coat
1 coat Orly's base coat
1 coat L'oreal Jet Set to Paris
2 coats Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze
1 coat Orly's Won't Chip top coat

Phew. That felt like a lot...but on my fingers, it really doesn't feel like I have 6 coats of polish on!

This gorgeous color was created by Hungry Asian. You can find her blog HERE! And her Etsy shop HERE!

I purchased Sneeze Breeze and Sea Creature from her in the tiny 5mL bottles for $4.50 each with $3.00 shipping and only $0.50 extra for each additional item.

I really enjoy tiny bottles, JUST IN CASE I hate the color. I never want to spend $8+ on a polish that I think is horrible on. Maybe I'm just cheap....but I also have mouths to feed and diapers to buy.

Ok, back to the polish. I love this polish so much. I'm usually not a big blue polish fan. I love them in the bottles, but never on my fingers. This one is a HUGE exception for me.  I personally think it looks great on me...but then again, it could be the gorgeous blue and black glitter just drawing me into thinking it looks great with my olive skin tone. What do you think??

I decided to use a base color under Sneeze Breeze...only because I knew I would love this color so much, and I didn't want to waste any trying to build up this glitter polish. I think it was a good move on my part. I can now conserve the polish without losing any of the punch!!

The application was such a breeze...haha, get it, breeze! LOL. The glitter just glided on. I did not have to fish for glitter. It wasn't goopy. It was like silk. Seriously.

Now the texture of this polish is NOT like silk. Even with a top coat, it is still pretty gritty. But honestly, I do not mind it at all! It is crazy gorgeous to be picky.

This manicure was done yesterday, and usually with glitter manicures, I tend to end up with a TON of tip wear by the end of the night. But as you can see, there is hardly any tip wear at all!! I am so incredibly impressed with this polish!!! It is staying put! And it looks sooo awesome! I love love love love it!

What do you all think of Sneeze Breeze? Would you wear it/buy it? How much do you love that glitter??? :) Don't forget to check out Hungry Asian on Etsy and check out her blog!!!

Until next time....


Disclosure *I was not paid for this review. I was not given the polish for this review. I paid for the polish with my own money. This is purely my own opinion, thoughts, and suggestions about this polish.*

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