Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello readers! I am so sorry that I have not been posting like I used to. I miss doing my nails, and reading all of your blogs. I've decided to give you all a little update about my life, and why I've been absent for so long.
Last year I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I was playing D&D with some friends one night, and I started to hurt all over. I thought I was getting the flu. But I never got better. I went to the doctor and got some tests done. Then I got the phone call saying that I have an autoimmune disease. I was crushed. So after a while, seeing many doctors, and getting prodded and poked for months, they figured out what was wrong with me. For those who don't know, an autoimmune disease means that my immune cells are confused, and think my body is a threat. They attack my joints, bones, muscles, and organs. Also with fibromyalgia, it basically means that my nervous system is screwed up, and I feel pain differently than others. If I get poked in the arm, it burns like a million hot coals in a bucket of lava. I have random burning and stinging sensations, and I have very sensitive skin.
All of this has absolutely ruined my life. I can no longer work out, since my body is always in pain. I get tired easily, and I have flares that can last weeks. It has caused me to not be able to take care of my children the way I want to. No more climbing on mommy. It has also ruined my marriage. I am currently going through a divorce. With all of this garbage going on, the low dose of chemo has ruined my nails, hair and skin.
But I'm trying to get them back. I'm still a nail polish fanatic, and I miss doing my nails every day. I also miss talking to all of my readers.
So please be patient with me, and watch out for some nail designs. I'm behind on the trends, but I will get myself back in the game, now that my doctors are helping me feel comfortable.

Hope you all are well! <3

Manicure Mommy