Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My name is Christina. I have started several failing blogs, and I am determined to do it again, except the failing part.

I am a mother of two beautiful little girls, Seyhan and Zoey. I am crafty in pretty much everything I do. I am so blessed in all areas of my life. I have a wonderful, supporting husband, a great family, and wonderful friends who are always cheering me on.

I have recently become re-obsessed with nail polish. Every time I go to any store with nail polish, I spend a while just staring at the beautiful colors, glitters, and holos. I was a nail biter for most of my life. I even went to cosmetology school, and took care of my nails every day, and ended up biting my stinkin nails again. I am determined never to go back to that! I have been educated in all things nail care, and I plan on sticking to my education!

This blog is my outlet to let the world know what polish I am wearing, what products I love, and to take photos of my polishes with my camera. (Baby number three is what I call her, she is a Nikon D5000.)

I am looking for a nail community, advice, and tips. So please, send them my way! I am also wanting to share my knowledge, so ask any questions you may have!



  1. yesssssss!!!! i LOVE doing my nails! i never thought to look for a blog about nails - this is super fun! i look forward to following along and soaking up your knowledge =D
    p.s. as a swimmer i find my nail polish doesn't last for too long - 3 days if i'm lucky. i've been reading up on the gelish products as they are supposed to last for 21 days - i know! crazy!?! do you know much about these products or if they are healthy for our nails? i can't imagine having something on for that long - let alone wanting to keep one particular color on for that long? just wondering if you know anything about this? thanks so much - again - i'm excited to be following your blog =D

  2. I have heard of the gel polishes! You have to buy a special light to cure them. It really isn't bad for your nails, it is just a pain in the booty to remove. I stick to normal polishes because I like changing the color too often. Plus my budget doesn't allow for me to buy expensive gel polishes and a fancy curing light. Lol