Monday, April 2, 2012

4 Years Ago

Four years ago today, I gave birth to my beautiful baby Seyhan. My husband and I named her after my grandmother, who is full blood Turkish.

When I first laid eyes on my beautiful baby, it was love at first sight. I loved everything about this little person I had never met before. Her cute little toes, her tiny hands and ears, and her gorgeous red hair.

I knew from the second I saw her that I would never feel the type of love I had for her again, until I met my baby Zoey two years later. My heart was exploding. My emotions were insane. I finally had my baby in my arms, and I would never let her go.

Happy Birthday baby girl! Mommy loves you more than you could ever imagine!!! <3 <3

One year old little Seyhan.

Two year old little Seyhan.

Three year old little Seyhan.

Four year old little Seyhan.

Now I'm off to enjoy a wonderful family dinner for my baby's birthday!!! <3

Until next time...


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  1. happy ~ happy ~ birthday seyhan!! may ~ many ~ many ~ blessings be upon this little lady!! hope it was a special day for her and your family today =D <3