Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good afternoon!! I am continuing my swatches of the Wet n Wild Summer Getaway collection. And I must say, this one I am about to show you is a favorite. is the name of this polish, and I must say, I am loving it. It is a glitter jelly polish, so it is extremely sheer. Luckily this only took three coats to become pretty opaque! I love love love the color, and I love love love all the glitter. You all really need to see this one in real life. It is sooo sparkly.

(Excuse my boo boo on my pinky. I covered it up, cause it looks kinda yuck.)

Yum yum yum! Glitter! It is such a fun shade of orange, and I felt like I was ready to go to the beach....if there was a beach near me.....which there isn't.....cause I live in Oklahoma. *Sigh*

Here's what I did:
1 coat Sally Hansen's Double Duty top coat
3 coats
No top coat seen here.

It is pretty gritty, so I did later on add some Seche Vite. I have a feeling this polish is going to be a pain in my behind to remove! Glitter always is.

As of right now, I am in love with only one of the polishes out of the collection...and this is it. I still have three more to try, so maybe my mind will be changed. (I wish I could say I love two of these polishes...but that green just does NOT look good on me. *cries*)

What do you all think of this color? The glitter? Do you like glitter polishes, or do you avoid them purely because the pain of removal??

Until next time...


Disclosure *I was not paid for this review. I was not given the polish for this review. I paid for the polish with my own money. This is purely my own opinion, thoughts, and suggestions about this polish.*