Friday, April 27, 2012

Hologram Effect

Good afternoon nail polish lovers!

Do you love hologram polishes? Who doesn't? I know I am in loooove with hologram effects!! I have a hologram manicure to share with you!

I picked up Layla's Hologram Effect polish in Mercury Twilight, as I'm sure you all know from a previous post. I decided to layer it upon itself, and build up a pure hologram manicure.

Here is Mercury Twilight by itself, in my house with the flash on.

My process:
1 coat Sally Henson's Double Duty base coat
4 coats Layla Mercury Twilight
and no top coat for the naked hologram manicure.

I love AND hate this polish.
Here's why:
I love the effect it does. I love the rainbow. LOOOVE the rainbow. But the polish is extremely streaky. And building it up was a pain in my booty. I had to basically glob on this polish. If I applied it like normal polish, it would create bald spots. Anyone else have this problem with this polish? Any tips/tricks? Luckily this polish isn't uber thick, so 4 coats feels like one.

Here is the gorgeousness in sunlight. I really do like how this polish looks once it is on. But fighting with it, just made me wonder if it was REALLY worth the $15.50 I spent on it.

Seriously...if you guys have any insight on this polish...I need to know how to manage it better!!!

Seeing how beautiful it is, really makes me sad that I spent over 30 minutes just building it up.

After I let that dry, which was literally no time flat...I added a design.

This polish dries insanely fast. Like...crazy fast. There was no wait time. Even when I globbed it on into a thick coat.

I then used my bundle monster plate BM-209 and added a design with my Konad Special Polish in black.

After adding the design, I used a pretty thick coat of Seche Vite to protect the stamping. The Seche Vite did react weird with the hologram polish. I think it just dulled it down a tad. Not a whole lot, in my opinion. I like my nails to be pretty glossy, unless I am shooting for matte. So, adding the Seche Vite was a good move in my book.

This design makes me think of fishnet stockings. LOVE IT.

All in all, even after fighting with Mercury Twilight, I really like this manicure. I like how fast it dried. I love the stamping. I love love love the rainbow. I love everything about it. Now I will be putting this polish to the test...I haven't worn it long enough to know how long it'll take to chip. So I will be reporting that info on my next post.

I would really like some feedback about this Mercury Twilight polish. Do you own it? Do you own the other colors from this line? Do you love it or hate it?

Until next time....


Disclosure *I was not paid for this review. I was not given the polish for this review. I paid for the polish with my own money. This is purely my own opinion, thoughts, and suggestions about this polish.*


  1. Now THATS holographic!! I've never seen ANYthing like this in a nail polish before!! =) it's sooooooo rad!! It looks like snake skin with the stamping over top but that may just be my small screen? It's very fun, thanks for sharing =)

    1. I love love love holographic polishes! I recently bought the powder, so I will be making a top coat myself for layering! <3

  2. So.. So shiny o-O I love the stamping too!

    1. It is mesmerizing! Rainbow rainbow rainbow!! After having this design on my nails for a bit, it started reminding me of fish scales. <3

  3. Looks great, uh?
    Instead of building up coats of just the polish try alternating them with Seche (yes, the top coat). Even over the base coat.
    Base coat - Seche - Layla - Seche - Layla - any top coat (I use a cheap NYC transparent polish). I don't have Mercury but I have 4 more (Flash Black, Retro Pink, Ocean Rush and Jade Groove) and it works for me :)