Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello, and welcome all new followers! I cannot express how happy I am to have you with me during this journey of nail polish. <3

I have a pretty cool manicure in store for you today. This manicure is a few days old, so please excuse the tip wear.

I found this beautiful polish on Etsy. Here is the shop link HERE. KBShimmer is who made this polish. They named it Newsprint. When I saw it online, I had to have it. It is so unique.

It is a grey polish with black, white, and red glitter. I really really love this polish. But  there are a few things that I do not like about it. So I will list pros and cons:

  • Unique
  • Cute
  • Lasts a while with no chipping
  • Glitter glitter glitter!
  • It only took two coats to become opaque.
  • This polish is very thick. I had a hard time getting it on. 
  •  The glitter is very unruly. I had such a tough time getting it on my nails and staying put.
  • It took a while to dry.
  • It is not smooth after application.
 Here is a flash shot.

This polish really is cool. I do wish the seller had put some stainless steel balls into the bottle to help mix the polish and glitter. I will be purchasing some soon to add to it. There is A LOT of polish in this bottle! The bottle is literally full. So it will last me a long long long time. I will for sure be wearing this polish again...but not until I can add some steel balls, and maybe getting another polish bottle to split this polish up and adding a little bit of thinner.

All in all, I really do like this polish once it is on my nails. I think it looks great. I love love love the glitter! And I love the color combo. Currently, the seller doesn't have any polish in her Etsy shop, but I will be keeping an eye out for more interesting combos! :)

What do you all think about this polish? Would you wear it??

I have more manicures to share with I might be posting a few times today. So forgive me if it becomes annoying. :D

Until next time....


Disclosure *I was not paid for this review. I was not given the polish for this review. I paid for the polish with my own money. This is purely my own opinion, thoughts, and suggestions about this polish.*


  1. It is a pretty polish. I love the base colour. Shame about the formula being a bit off but hopefully you can fix it with some thinner.

    Sure post away ! It's great having a few posts to look at :)

  2. I think once I thin it up, it'll be great. And there is so much in the bottle, I might be able to create another bottle just for swapping. I really don't need that much polish. LOL. <3

  3. i love this polish!! i've been buying more shades of grey then i'll ever need. who knew i loved grey THAT much - haah!! where do you find the balls that go in nail polish bottles? i'd like to try my hand at franken polishes - although i've read it's best to make in very small use-right-away batches. have you tried makeing any polish of your own? so glad your able to post again =D

  4. I have heard you can find the bee-bees at walmart. So I'm gonna check that out and post on here when I do find them!!

    You should try frankens! I've done one. And I did a medium batch, and it is doing fine. I just need to add balls to it. I will do a post on my franken soon! <3 <3