Sunday, April 15, 2012


I will have some manicures to post soon soon soon! We had a pretty bad tornado here in Oklahoma on Friday. It landed two blocks from my house! Scary stuff! But my family is safe, thank God! And we just got our power back today!!! I will be getting back to my normal blog routine ASAP. My Zoey has her EEG this week, so I might be MIA for a few more days. Prayers/good thoughts are much needed!!!! Until next time.... Christina


  1. Jeez that's awful!! I had no idea. We don't get them in Ireland thank God. Glad yer all safe and sound though. We couldn't lose you when you JUST started blogging ;)
    I'm sure all will go well for Zoey so don't be worrying :)

  2. holy guacamole! glad to hear you are safe! did you have any damge to your property? do you need anything? prayers will be said for you and your sweet zoey gal too! many blessings!!