Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skin/hand care

Good morning nail bloggers!!!! I want to share something pretty important to me, with you.

My skin/nail moisturizing ritual...if you will. I take keeping care of my skin and nails pretty seriously. Moisturizing your skin can keep you looking young, and makes you feel so much better. I have a few products to share with you all. I know this isn't a polish post..but I find this equally as important.

Here's what I do every day:

I use Solar Cuticle Oil every single day, several times a day. I keep it at my desk, and move it around the house so I have access to it at all times. I would like to buy another cuticle oil to keep in my purse that isn't a liquid, but I just haven't had the time to search for one. Any suggestions?

I moisturize with EOS ( evolution of smooth) nourish revitalizing care; hand and body lotion. I found this lotion at Walgreens one day. It was on sale, and I had heard great things about EOS, so I gave it a shot. I love this stuff. First, it smells amazing. I love love love the scent. I put it on all over my body every morning after showering. I wish I could find a body spray that smells exactly like this lotion. I also use it through out the day as needed. I like to have soft hands, so I tend to use a lot of lotion. 

Every night, I use Julep's glycolic hand scrub before bed. I really like this product. It exfoliates my hands but it isn't too rough. Too much exfoliation can be bad for your skin. This has the right grit to it. It is a great great product. I've had it for a little while, and I totally suggest it. It is safe enough to use for every hand washing, but I like to save my product, so I only use it once a day. At night is the best time for me. I wash with it before I put on my nightly oils and lotions.

Every night, after scrubbing with Julep's glycolic scrub, I use Creativespa massage oil. I have had this oil for a long time. It came in my Creativespa pedicure and manicure kit. The kit includes a lot of products, that I will share with you in a future post. I only use those products every other week. They're a bit harsher in the exfoliation department for me to use every day. Back to the oil, I love love love this oil. As you can see, below, I still have a lot left! I use maybe a drop or two on my hands every night before bed. It is oil, so it will make your hands feel oily, but it really does moisturize your skin very very well. When I use this oil, I skip my cuticle oil. Mainly because I don't feel like need to double oil up my hands. This oil will moisturize your cuticles as well as all of your skin. I use my EOS lotion right after the oil. I only do this at night, because I don't want to leave oil smudges all over my house. And it does make your hands slippery. Plus I like that this stuff will work while I get my beauty rest.

This is my daily routine. It has helped my skin and my cuticles so much! I really swear by all of these products. I can't promise that all of these products are available to public purchasers. My Creativespa supplies were purchased at State, back before I let my cosmetology license expire. I really should go back to school for the X amount of hours to reinstate my license...but I just don't have time right now. Maybe one day...but I do not want to work in a salon again...it just wasn't my cup o tea.

I hope this has helped all of you. If you try it and it works for you, let me know! If it doesn't work for you, let me know! But please remember, it is SO important to moisturize your skin and nails. Especially if you use 100% pure acetone!

Until next time....



  1. thank you for this post! i LOVE to read about skin care! i'm currantly looking for good products right now. with all the home projects we're doing, ontop of the daily washing of my hands, they are a wreck! i'll be on the look out for these to try =)

    1. I'm glad this post inspired you to start looking for products! Moisturizing is SO important! I used to never moisturize...and my cuticles looked like poo. Now I will never go back to "letting my nails go"!

  2. I hardly ever moisturize!I know it's awful. I have to start doing it more often and I need to buy something for my cuticles. This is a great post. Very helpful. It's nice to know how other bloggers keep their hands and nails so perfectly groomed.

    1. I was the same way! Even a month ago when I started this blog...I would only remember every so often, or when I just finished a manicure. But seeing how my cuticles were not getting better when I wasn't moisturizing, I knew it was something I needed to do religiously.